Gravino Cherry Liqueur

Gravino Cherry Liqueur

This is a full-flavoured liqueur, with real fruit and an almond sweetness. Following a recipe handed down through generations, a local wine, Cesanese del Piglio, is the base for Gravino. Added to this is a complex fruit, made of predominantly wild cherries and botanical mix before the wine is filtered and then fortified with grappa.

On the nose this is rich and earthy, with dark chocolate fruitiness to start. Brighter cherry fruit notes develop, with a rich almond accompaniment; flaked nuts and marzipan hints. On the palate it is sweet and sticky cherries lead off on the palate, with woody spice and a touch of tannic dryness following. As the fruit begins to dissipate, a second wave of sweetness appears, with marzipan going head to head with the spice. Usually served chilled as an after-dinner drink, Gravino can also be used to garnish desserts and ice cream, or mixed with sparkling wine to create the Gravino Royale.

Country: Italy
Bottle Size: 70cl
Style: Cherry Liqueur
ABV: 32%

Bottle Retail Price: £30.25

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