Sloe Gin, Fox Denton

Sloe Gin, Fox Denton

Made from Sloes, sugar and London Dry Gin Fox Denton Sloe Gin is paler, stronger (27%ABV) and less sweet than the majority of others. You will find this a real warmer and it is perfect out in the field. You may like to try it instead of port but in the summer it is great mixed with Champagne ( a Sloegasm) or as a long drink with either tonic water or bitter lemon.

Sloe Gin is one of the most traditional drinks in England. Some authorities link the rise of Sloe Gin to the Enclosure Acts in the late 18th Century when large amounts of blackthorn hedges were planted as part of the development of hedegrows to separate fields as the thorns kept animals out of the fields.

The Blackthorn (Prunus Spinosa) is a species of wild plum and produces berries known as Sloes. Technically a drupe the sloes are very sour and inedible and only the ingenuity of adding them to Gin with sugar allows us to enjoy the beautiful flavour. Like all pitted fruit the Sloe, like the damson, has a stone that is left in the fruit when they compound their drinks.

Country: England
Region: Buckinghamshire
Style: Digestif
Bottle Size: 70cl
Bottle Retail Price: £26.50

Half bottle Retail Price: £14.95

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